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Looking for a local pest management professional trained in the latest, safest techniques in weed pest control?

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control.  A weed is defined as an unwanted plant that competes with domesticated plants.  Fiore Pest Control can provide weed control around the perimeter of your home's foundation planting beds. By controlling unwanted plants in these areas, you will not only get your landscape beds a neat appearance but will also eliminate harborage areas for insects, mice, and rats.  Eliminating conducive conditions like weeds will give you better pest control inside and out.  The best way to control weeds is to prevent them from getting started.  Don't spend all season pulling weeds!  Call Fiore Pest Control to schedule an analysis of your weed pest control needs.


Fiore Pest Control follows the Integrated Pest Management Approach for the control of weeds, which focuses on:

  • Properly identifying the weed types that are present,
  • Inspecting all foundation planting beds, and
  • Advising on other conducive conditions that may be contributing to weed problems.

Concluding the initial analysis, a discussion of the issues found will help determine what control methods need to be implemented, such as manual control/cultivating and/or herbicide treatment.  Typically a combination of both treatment types work best for effective weed control.


Call Fiore Pest Control today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an analysis.  Let us get control of your weeds effectively and affordably. 

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