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Fiore Pest Control is familiar with all the local pests and with a few of the transients as well. We are fully trained and experienced in knowing all the places pests hide and how to treat for them.  The size of the pest does not matter. The tiniest ant will still get our full attention. 

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Fiore Pest Control follows the Integrated Pest Management Approach (IPM). The IPM process Fiore Pest Control follows consists of 6 steps for success:

There’s no need to deal with stink bugs in-house in Lake Geneva, WI, when you can contact us
  1. Communication about pest issues.
  2. Thorough inspection inside and outside.
  3. Pest(s) identification.
  4. Conducive conditions that need attention.
  5. Implementation of treatment plan for inside and outside areas.
  6. Evaluation of treatment plan.

This ecological approach to rodent and insect control in Lake Geneva, WI, differs from traditional pest control in that it emphasizes using a combination of control tactics with less dependence on pesticides, an eco-friendly approach. Based on this criteria and your needs, we will suggest a service plan to get control of your pests efficiently and affordably.

Natural Pest Control Option

Our quality, affordable service is guaranteed to get the job done right!

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