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Flea and Tick Pest Control

Looking for a local pest management professional trained in the latest, safest techniques in flea and tick pest control? Fleas and ticks can be easily controlled with customer cooperation and the assistance of a pest control professional. Get rid of your flea and tick problem with help from Fiore Pest Control.  Providing professional customer service since 1988, we proudly serve Elkhorn, Brookfield, Burlington, and Southeastern Wisconsin, and Lake Forest, Libertyville, and Northern Illinois.  Fiore Pest Control provides a customized flea and tick pest control service focused on each customer's individual needs.

Fiore Pest Control follows the Integrated Pest Management Approach for the control of fleas and ticks, which focuses on:

  • Properly identifying fleas or ticks are present,
    Inspecting all areas thoroughly for fleas and ticks focusing in areas, indoor and outdoor, where pets may frequent.
  • Advising and assisting the customer on cleaning, vacuuming, and removal of clutter for all possible harborage areas inside.
  • Advise customer on mowing of lawn areas conducive for fleas and ticks as well as trimming back trees, shrubs, and bushes to get more light and air into dark, wet areas of the landscape.
  • Discuss the type of flea or tick control pets are on or may be needed by a veterinarian.

Following the initial IPM service assessment, a determination will be made as to what treatment is appropriate, such as a non-chemical treatment like dry vapor steam or a chemical treatment, such as a botanical, contact, residual, insecticide, or insect growth regulator. Typically a combination of all treatment types work best for effective flea and tick control.

At the conclusion of the flea and tick pest control service, an on-going IPM program will be discussed to help prevent future activity. When fleas and ticks are caught early they can be more easily controlled with an effective Integrated Pest Management Approach.

Our quality, affordable service is guaranteed to get control of your fleas or ticks effectively!

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